Currently ranked 13th in the official IRB (International Rugby Board) world rankings, Canada continues to prove themselves as contenders on the global scene.

Canada also earned themselves a place in each of the five World Cups. Staged every four years, The World Cup of Rugby is the biggest Rugby event in the world with a huge global impact and is a vital source of income for the development of the game worldwide.

2006 Squad
Abrams, Aaron
Barbieri, Mike
Biddle, David
Buydens, Hubert
Carpenter, Aaron
Culpan, Craig
Daypuck, Derek
Fairhurst, Ed
Jackson, Josh
Kleeberger, Adam
McKeen, Stan
Mensah-Coker, Justin
Monro, Ander
Pack, Chris
Pat Riordan
Phinney, Matt
Pletch, Dan
Pletch, Mike
Pritchard, James
Pyke, Mike
Smith, Ryan
Snow, Rod
Spicer, David
Stephen, Sean-Michael
Tait, Luke
Weingart, Matt
Williams, Morgan
Witkowski, Kris
Witkowski, Nikita